Pretend It’s a City

For those people who were born, well, let’s say, some time ago contemporary world and its inhabitants with all that their electronic and intangible stuff seem to have become too ridiculous, too strange, too absurd, going nowhere if not to hell, not to permanently laugh at or, at least, tease them. Generally, these inhabitants don’t guess there’s something wrong with them. They don’t have the past in mind or anything that existed before their birth. They don’t care about it. At all!

Fran and Marty don’t care about the present or — Lord forbid! — about the future. They have been living for a long time, in New York City, smoking, drinking, going to parties, watching TV and movies, listening to music, reading, having both pleasure and fun. Last two things are worth moving to New York! It’s doubtlessly a sort of global cultural capitals with very appropriate life. Fran and Marty know it (city or life?..) quite well, know about it too much to share with you, to have the right to be rather cynical about it and still love it much more than any other place on the planet (well, now you know — it’s about the city).

New York is, you know, so attractive, but so expensive to move to, so arrogant to accept you, with all those 20 million citizens, most of whom can’t afford living in New York. Perhaps, that’s why the profound New Yorker who Fran really is prefer staying home instead of flying anywhere: once you are here it’s better not to rush to new improvements.

Especially when you have books for reading and writing. What else do you need? Somebody to talk to about them. These two fellows might be the best company for such cozy evening conversation.

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